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Botánica San Cipriano y la maldición de un ex amante enojado

Prayer to San Cipriano to call me

Zachary is attending college far from home. Pray our son makes strong choices and decisions.

Please Lord, send your Holy Spirit to cleanse us from all this darkness, and help us trust and love each other as you love us. Lord take control of our emotions, words and thoughts. May all these reflect love and not hate and anger. Please Jesus, I surrender my family to you. Take over and protect us, fill us with joy and peace.

Prayer to San Cipriano to call me

JeremyPray for the repose of the Souls of +Frank Max B and Lilian B and +Frank Joseph B2/6/2020SabrinaThe Diocese of Pittsburgh is putting on a Catholic youth conference for high school aged youth called Arise for the first time ever. We would like prayers for the planning process and for all who will be attending the conference! Please bring the peace, love and light unto my family. Banish Satan and his attempts in trying to break us apart and fill our minds with negativity, doubts and suspicions.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for me. Please, Archangel Raphael, intercede on my behalf. Marita Ann is a high risk patient.2/7/2020AnthonyLord please help me with my anxiety disorder and ocd it’s making me not live for you and it’s tormenting me and my family2/7/2020SathishPray for my special intentions2/6/2020Br.

Thank you2/19/2020GinaFor the sanctification of my marriage and our family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.2/19/2020AuscyPlease pray for my Mother’s health, she is very sick. Pray for her to receive the grace of God2/18/2020CassandraPlease pray for me to get a permanent full time job with a good company, good location and a healthy working environment . 2/14/2020BarbaraPray that i am guided by the Holy Spirit in regard to my marriage2/14/2020MaryPlease pray for our son Zachary.

Restore my parents marriage, heal any brokenness, fill their hearts with forgiveness and sanctify and bless them with peace, unity and love. There is no better place to be then in your loving arms. Lord, please hear my prayers.2/13/2020MichaelThanking God for His Tremendous Blessings in my matrimonial Home2/13/2020CharityPray that God will be present with Hong Li during the meetings with her landlord; that the landlord will release Hong Li and Avogrinch with contractual obligations. I am so worried about my heart and arteries.

Esta poderosa oración a San Cipriano funciona

  • Please pray for me to get excellent results.
  • The results of this examination determines my entire future and whether I can proceed to university.
  • Help them to overcome the anger, doubts, let go of the darkness and sin, and find YOU in their love.
  • Please Lord, bless my family, especially my parents marriage with your peace, love and harmony.

Please pray Zachary does not overindulged in drinking and surrounds himself with friends who will not lead him down the wrong path. Pray for a strong seed of change in Zachary of strength and will power. Forever grateful for your prayers2/14/2020KeijoHelp and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victim,pray for my whole a familys salvation too,thanks and bless2/14/2020StephanieDear Loving Lord Jesus, I put my faith and trust in You. Lord, I pray for your peace, guidance and light to fill my family.

Please pray for the successful surgery and the strength and peace to endure the complete healing process. Thank you.2/10/2020MelvaPlease pray for forgiveness and love between my husband and my sons. Pray for peace and a new job2/10/2020AshishkumarPray for my wedding and marriage2/10/2020RoshanI request you, please pray to god on my behalf to forgive my sins, solve all misunderstandings between between my friend and myself. Pray for those in our Tues prayer group.

Prayer to San Cipriano to call me

In Jesus Name i pray all this and in HIM I trust.2/2/2020DyanePlease pray urgent prayer request for a dear member of our parish, Noreen B, who is in need of a miracle and strength. Noreen is a selfless, holy woman who has spent her time on earth serving mothers and families. She herself is the mother of 11 children, all of which are not yet raised, and several additional children who went directly to their heavenly home. Also, Social security claims that they overpaid me by the amount that I used as a down payment on a used car!

Perfume San Cipriano

Prayer to San Cipriano to call me

2/11/2020NickI am in a terrible spiritual state. Please pray a divine mercy chaplet for the conversion of my soul and true contrition. 2/11/2020SherylPlease pray for healing for a husband and wife, Chuck & Donna, who were evacuated off of a cruise ship in Japan and are now hospitalized with the coronavirus. 2/10/2020MaryPlease pray for the complete healing of my brother, especially from cancer.

Shield us and protect us from the evil one, and help us feel your presence by our gloria oracion side. Send us your Holy Spirit to cleanse us and fill us with true peace and joy.

Prayers needed for health and healing for Kerby family, Ric, Baby William, Peter James, Steve, John, Karen, Fr Paul, Kaila, Scott, Bill, Leon and Amy, Pray for the IOTT finance committee, our Amazing Parish santa misa Conference and fundraising efforts. Release Psalm 91 over Fr John Paul as a sheperd to guide St Frances Cabrini parish2/8/2020CristinPlease, Jesus, heal me. Please do not let me have breast cancer.

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