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prayer to san cipriano works

Pray for those who have committed a crime that they confess. Amen.2/25/2020AbbeyPlease pray for my son, Ian. Ian is santa misa on his second round of antibiotics and is still running a fever. Please ask our Lord Jesus Christ to heal him.

Pray for my family2/23/2020BaptistPray for my physical and mental health and that I and my family become closer to God.2/23/2020StephanieDear Lord Jesus, I pray for your hand of mercy and guidance over my family especially my parents santa misa relationship. Lord open their minds and hearts to love and forgiveness. Open their hearts to you Lord, speak to their inner hearts and help them find peace. Restore their marriage through love, understanding and forgiveness.

Please pray for me to get excellent results. Please Lord, bless my family, especially my parents marriage with your peace, love and harmony. Restore, strengthen and unite them in love, faith, trust and forgiveness. Help them to overcome the anger, doubts, let go of the darkness and sin, and find YOU in their love. Help them to be of support to one another.

  • Oren también por mi hija Leticia y su esposo Miguel, quienes han estado expuestos al Covid-19 para que los resultados de sus pruebas sean negativos del virus.
  • otros y pasar una vida exitosa juntos 26/7/2020 Gerald Ore para que encuentre un nuevo trabajo después de perder mi trabajo como profesor.
  • Oraciones para que pueda encontrar una buena mujer en su vida con la que pueda encontrar la felicidad.
  • 26/7/2020 Melissa Dios, por favor, sana a Chris y mi relación para que podamos estar juntos y amar a cada uno.
  • Ore por su bienestar en este momento que también está pasando por una separación de su esposa debido a la infidelidad de su parte.

Please Lord , take control and may true justice be served. I pray that me and my dear colleague will continue to work together for a long time and may you strengthen our friendship. In Jesus Name I pray and trust.2/26/2020JohnPray that I live in full communion with the faith.

¿Cuándo puedo orar para que regrese mi ex?

God bless you all and thank You3/2/2020ManyaPlease pray for me to be healed spiritually. Please pray that she is blessed with a healthy baby and does not have the ectopic pregnancy again.

Thank you and may God Bless you.2/25/2020FredPlease pray for my nephew, who is dying from kidney failure. Pray that God’s will be done and a peaceful death if that is God’s will.2/25/2020Family Friendplease pray for Noe H. family’s pain to heal, and for our lord to help them get through their tough time. Noe is in heaven, in his new home.2/24/2020ChristineI pray for a full and total healing of my husband and a complete conversion to our Lord God! I also pray that our marriage can be saved.2/24/2020StevenPlease pray as me and my fiancée get married very soon, pray Christ will be our life and we love Christ and each other deeply2/23/2020SusanPlease pray for my Great Grandmother to be cured of cancer.

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prayer to san cipriano works

Bless my parents with good health and strength. Protect us Lord from evil attacks and shield us with your love and light. I pray also for the situation at the workplace.

prayer to san cipriano works

thank you.2/29/2020AdriennePray for the +Poor Suffering Souls in Purgatory that their sins are forgiven and they are swiftly conducted to heaven2/29/2020GregorPlease pray for my physical, mental and spiritual health. Pray for the guidance of my Soul to surrender to Jesus Christ.2/28/2020JudeI am a 17 year old student from Malaysia. I sat for an important public examination last year Nov. I will be receiving my results on March . The results of this examination determines my entire future and whether I can proceed to university.

prayer to san cipriano works

Protect and shield my family from Satan and his evil attempts to break gloria rezo us apart. Mary, mother of God, have mercy on us and protect us.

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