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Prayer to San Cipriano to despair

Please pray for the successful surgery and the strength and peace to endure the complete healing process. Thank you.2/10/2020MelvaPlease pray for forgiveness and love between my husband and my sons. Pray for peace horarios de misas en usa and a new job2/10/2020AshishkumarPray for my wedding and marriage2/10/2020RoshanI request you, please pray to god on my behalf to forgive my sins, solve all misunderstandings between between my friend and myself.

Prayers needed for health and healing for Kerby family, Ric, Baby William, Peter James, Steve, John, Karen, Fr Paul, Kaila, Scott, Bill, Leon and Amy, Pray for the IOTT finance committee, our Amazing Parish Conference and fundraising efforts. Release Psalm 91 over Fr John Paul as a sheperd to guide St Frances Cabrini parish2/8/2020CristinPlease, Jesus, heal me. Please, Archangel Raphael, intercede on my behalf. Marita Ann is a high risk patient.2/7/2020AnthonyLord please help me with my anxiety disorder and ocd it’s making me not live for you and it’s tormenting me and my family2/7/2020SathishPray for my special intentions2/6/2020Br.

Lord open their minds and hearts to love and forgiveness. Open their hearts to you Lord, speak to their inner hearts and help them find peace.

Prayer to San Cipriano to despair

Reflexiones sobre “San Ciprano regresa como un amante errante”

Lord, I pray for your peace, guidance and light to fill my family. Shield us and protect us from the evil one, and help us feel your presence by our side. Send us your Holy Spirit to cleanse us and fill us with true peace and joy.

Prayer to San Cipriano to despair

Restore my parents marriage, heal any brokenness, fill their hearts with forgiveness and sanctify and bless them with peace, unity and love. There is no better place to be then in your loving arms. I am so worried about my heart and arteries.

2/14/2020BarbaraPray that i am guided by the Holy Spirit in regard to my marriage2/14/2020MaryPlease pray for our son Zachary. Pray our son makes strong choices and decisions. Please pray Zachary does not overindulged in drinking and surrounds himself with friends who will not lead him down the wrong path. Pray for a strong seed of change in Zachary of strength and will power.

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Pray that God’s will be done and a peaceful death if that is God’s will.2/25/2020Family Friendplease pray for Noe H. family’s pain to heal, and for our lord to help them get through their tough time. Noe is in heaven, in his new home.2/24/2020ChristineI pray for a full and total healing of my husband and a complete conversion to our Lord God! I also pray that our marriage can be saved.2/24/2020StevenPlease pray as me and my fiancée get married very soon, pray Christ will be our life and we love Christ and each other deeply2/23/2020SusanPlease pray for my Great Grandmother to be cured of cancer. Pray for my family2/23/2020BaptistPray for my physical and mental health and that I and my family become closer to God.2/23/2020StephanieDear Lord Jesus, I pray for your hand of mercy and guidance over my family especially my parents relationship.

Prayer to San Cipriano to despair

bless my dad’s whole body with love care, protection, and make him strong with better health with his heart and kidneys stable all his condition and improve his mental state2/22/2020JeffLord God Our Father please help me with anxiety and vile spiritual state. Pray a Divine Mercy horarios de misas en usa Chaplet for the conversion of my soul and true contrition. Give me strength to persevere through any troubles that come my way. Please guide us, protect us and equip us to do Your will each and every day. Thank You for all that You are, and all that You have given us.

In Jesus Name I pray and trust.2/26/2020JohnPray that I live in full communion with the faith. Pray for those who have committed a crime that they confess.

2/11/2020NickI am in a terrible spiritual state. Please pray a divine mercy chaplet for the conversion of my soul and true contrition. 2/11/2020SherylPlease pray for healing for a husband and wife, Chuck gloria oracion & Donna, who were evacuated off of a cruise ship in Japan and are now hospitalized with the coronavirus. 2/10/2020MaryPlease pray for the complete healing of my brother, especially from cancer.

Oración a San Cipriano para domesticar al esposo

  • Oraciones para que pueda encontrar una buena mujer en su vida con la que pueda encontrar la felicidad.
  • Ore por su bienestar en este momento que también está pasando por una separación de su esposa debido a la infidelidad de su parte.
  • 27/7 / 2020ShrikantPara orar por mi bebé, ella es un bebé de 7 días que sufre de infección y recibe una inyección diaria.
  • Oren también por mi hija Leticia y su esposo Miguel, quienes han estado expuestos al Covid-19 para que los resultados de sus pruebas sean negativos del virus.
  • Ore para que nos mantengamos fuertes y leamos nuestra Biblia y seamos llenos del amor y la gracia del Espíritu Santo.

Restore their marriage through love, understanding and forgiveness. Protect and shield my family from Satan and his evil attempts to break us apart. Mary, mother of God, have mercy on us and protect us. Help us Lord to feel your presence in our family and may You always be at the center of our hearts. In Jesus Name I trust and pray.2/22/2020NabarePray for my healing2/22/2020TabithaPrayer for Dada to gain better health, a better life and his success in angioplasty.

Amen.2/25/2020AbbeyPlease pray for my son, Ian. Ian is on his second round of antibiotics and is still running a fever. Please ask our Lord Jesus Christ to heal him. Thank you and may God Bless you.2/25/2020FredPlease pray for my nephew, who is dying from kidney failure.

I ask this in Your precious name and through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.2/21/2020SattiPray for me to grow.2/21/2020IrePray for relationship restoration2/21/2020ShellyPlease pray for healing of Leo’s esophagus & he will be willing to go to doctor and get it checked out. Thank you2/19/2020GinaFor the sanctification of my marriage and our family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.2/19/2020AuscyPlease pray for my Mother’s health, she is very sick. Pray for her to receive the grace of God2/18/2020CassandraPlease pray for me to get a permanent full time job with a good company, good location and a healthy working environment .

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